A lovable Democrat who desperately needs benefits, healthcare and housing but won't receive them because the Hundred Acre Wood is a Crony-Capitalist society, poor Eeyore

The donkey was the symbol of the Democratic Party but was replaced with a logo with the letter D. The donkey symbol originated with the 1828 campaign of Andrew Jackson, and was further developed from Thomas Nast's political cartoons. Democrats would rather be jackasses than fatasses. The Jackass was intended as an insult by Jackson's more aristocratic opponents, but was embraced as the symbol of everyman populist Democrats. The Democratic Donkey is usually shown kickin-ass. Democrats may represent the working class of society, but they'll demand respect.

Die-hard Democrats however say the animal represents the humble, homely, smart, courageous and loveable aspects of the party. [1]

Donkeys are a type of horse resembling animal that aren't mounted. They are used as pack animals as they can carry a lot, are easily maintained, and are very loyal. They are generally intelligent and can be territorial which is why they are sometimes used as livestock guardians.

"Donkey" is an insult often shouted out by Scottish celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay toward incompetent contestants on Hell's Kitchen.

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