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Dennis John Kucinich
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Mr. Kucinich
Political Party: Democratic Party
Education: Cleveland State University

Case Western Reserve University

Religion Roman Catholicism
Born October 8, 1946

Dennis John Kucinich is a liberal Congressman from Ohio and very good in his liberal ideology. [1] He is also a very good Roman Catholic. He was a candidate for 'President in 2004 & 2008. He is very outspoken about his opposition to and vote against the Iraq War. He has been the MOST outspoken opponent of the war, activity protesting it and the Patriot Act since their inception.

If we were in Middle-Earth, he is The Man, also known as the Hobbit, he has a very short stature. He has twice risked his life to save the world from the perils of Sauron . His return from Middle-Earth after casting the Ring into Mount. Doom has seen him battle the equally malicious Republic-klans and their master, King George II. He fights them with his pie chart of justice, displaying the truth behind George II's military-industrial complex.

He claimed to have seen a UFO. Though he said it was an "Unidentified Flying Object" so he couldn't confirm that it was an aliens. The claim was detailed in Shirley McClain's biography.[1]

He also had a pie chart to show how the Department of Defense had a bloated budget in 2004.

In 2015 Kuchinich filed Federal Trade Commission complaint to save a Lakewood Hospital.[2]

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