Democratic Socialism is a description used by various socialist movements and organizations to emphasize the democratic character of their political orientation. Democratic Socialism is contrasted with political movements that resort to authoritarian means to achieve a transition to socialism, instead advocating for the immediate creation of decentralized economic democracy from the grassroots level, undertaken by and for the working class itself. Specifically, it is a term used to distinguish between socialists who favor a grassroots-level, spontaneous revolution or gradualism over Leninism – organized revolution instigated and directed by an overarching Vanguard party that operates on the basis of democratic centralism.

The term is sometimes used synonymously with "social democracy", but social democrats need not accept this label, and many self-identified democratic socialists oppose contemporary social democracy because social democracy retains the capitalist mode of production.[1]

Many people with whatever label feel realism requires at least a relatively small private sector because no economy anywhere in the world has succeeded without a private sector. Therefore for democratic socialists or other socialists to try to replace capitalism altogether is considered unrealistic.

Democratic Socialist Countries

Italian Democratic Socialists

According to some definitions, there are very few if any Democratic Socialist countries, in Europe, many people describe the Scandinavian nations as Democratic socialist nations, but others see them mainly as Welfare Capitalist states. They could be could be described as Social democratic or Liberal since the terms do not have precise agreed definitions.

Most radical Democratic Socialist states are located in Latin America as part of the "Pink Tide" of Democratic Socialism. Venezuela is the best known example, lead by Hugo Chavez while he was alive.

Relationship with liberalism

Radical Democratic Socialists are against Liberalism, as Liberalism supports keeping in place the capitalist mode of production. But both ideology's are against facism, racism, and conservatism.

Forms of democratic socialism

Friendly Ideologies

Enemy Ideologies

Things democratic socialists want to prevent

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