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A Magdalen asylum in the early 20th Century.

My name is Georgina Williams.

I was born in the Canadian Federal Prison, The Reformatory of the Good Shepherd in Saint John, New Brunswick, to a 13 year old rape victim, Delcina.

The Religious of the Good Shepherd Order of nuns was paid by the Government of Canada, the Province of New Brunswick and the municipality of Saint John.

The nuns operated a huge commercial laundry with forced labour. When they were shorthanded, false arrests of girls were made by the Saint John Police Department, according to their own history.

I was forced, unpaid labour from age 8 to 18. I was not permitted any education, permanently disabled, waterboarded, my permanent teeth pulled out for minor infractions, beaten and sexually abused.

My four books are; Delcina's Tears, Beyond the Walls, Rehearsals in Madness and Whispering Wild Fire. They are published by Outskirts Press of Denver Colorado and available globally through Amazon Books and Barnes and Noble.

Global News, Toronto, on '16X9' featured some of the story.

I know there are many who have suffered at the hands of these global criminals and who fear to speak against these 'bullies'. Bullies are no longer tolerated.


Georgina Williams

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