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A Democrat in Name Only or abbreviated as DINO is a member of the Democratic Party but doesn't have liberal beliefs or is one of those "middle-of-nowhere" centrists. Liberals should where possible make sure that real liberals run in every Democratic primary in every election cycle, however, keep in mind that some can't be won by a true liberal, so keeping a DINO there may not be the best thing ever, but it'd be better than handing the seat to a Republican. Less good Democrats are still ten times better than your average Republican.

An alternate view of DINO

Both the terms RINO and DINO seem more applicable to American politics during times of Partisan reallignment. Both terms are pejorative used by those who wish to purge competing philosophies from their Party. While purging competing political thinking might be acceptable to the modern Republican Party, the modern Democratic Party is far more committed to diversity and inclusiveness.


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