If you’re getting tired of Conservapedia, take a stroll through the CreationWiki. It doesn’t generally have that tone of having been written by a gang of third-graders, but there’s plenty of stupid on display. (PZ Myers)[1]

CreationWiki is a Christian fundamentalist wiki dedicated to promoting the Pseudoscience of creationism especially the very silly version known as Young Earth Creationism. CreationWiki tries to counter the truths found in EvoWiki.

Chris Ashcraft

Chris Ashcraft founded CreationWiki, he teaches BIble based Mythology to high School students and imagines he's teaching Science. [2] We're sorry for the Kids Ashcraft gets to before they're old enough to see what's Scientific and what isn't.

Compared to Conservapedia

CreationWiki is similar to Conservapedia but focuses strictly on religion where Conservapedia instructs people on who to vote for. Although a different wiki from Conservapedia, many CreationWikians are also Conservapedians. Because these two websites are such easy targets for vandalism, IP edits are banned. CreationWiki is even harder to access than Conservapedia, because you must email the admins on CreationWiki in order to get an account.

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  1. CreationWiki
  2. Christopher Wayne Ashcraft

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