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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is a city where People are Happy. The Danes and the people of Copenhagen aren't content to leave things as they are, Danes are always looking for ways to improve their country and make people even happier. People in Copenhagen and Danes generally keep work and leisure in balance, Danes spend the evening with their families and weekends rather than working late as Americans and British too often do. Also Danes tend to exercise, many cycle to work or school, it's easier to be happy if you're fit and healthy.

Welfare state

Like the rest of Scandinavia the Danes and the people of Copenhagen have generous welfare provision.

Danes get free health care and free education right up to University level. In Denmark and Copenhagen tax rates are high but the state provides for its citizens. Danish people have the security that comes from knowing if they become sick the state will provide medical care, will provide for them and their families till they are well again. That's worth more than money in your bank account that can all be lost if there's a crisis in the firm where you work, where your dad works an economic crisis generally. State provision is also worth more than money in the bank that can be lose if a family member gets sick and medical insurance doesn't cover it all. And that happens too often in the USA. Not everything's perfect, some unfortunates become homeless despite what the state does but there are fewer homeless in Denmark than in most countries.


People in Copenhagen look after the Environment and prepare for climate change, they know the sea level will rise and they expect more rain so they develop ways of dealing with rain water. The Copenhagen harbour is clean with low levels of pollution and Danes aim to keep things that way. As well as the harbour with the famous statue of a mermaid there are plenty of other attractions for tourists in Copenhagen. [1] [2] [3][4][5][6]


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