Conservapedia is completely obsessed with homosexuals, perhaps to a worrying degree. They love pointing out how homosexuals are supposedly "ignorant" of intolerance in Islam. In truth, a good number of Muslims do not agree with homosexuality but still feel they should be treated the same.

Conservapedia is convinced that Homosexuality is a choice, and tries to explain why people "choose" it when there are many disadvantages, mainly crazy psychos who want to kill them or make a wiki that bashes them. Their arguments are ridiculous.

Conservapedia often links homosexuality to atheism and liberals, despite that there are homosexuals that are religious and conservatives notably there are Roman Catholic Priests who are not celibate and who like little boys. See Sexual hypocrisy for very many people and mostly Conservatives, who were secretly gay.

Note: Conservapedia's definition of conservative excludes anything less conservative than Andrew Schlafly.

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