A physical map of Colorado

Colorado is just one "o" away from being with Mississippi and Alabama as the states with one repeated vowel. Colorado has beautiful scenery. You can ski there in the mountains but it's warmer in other parts where the big cities like Denver are.

Colorado has Conservative elements who voted for Tom Tancredo. There are also Liberal elements who voted in a referendum to allow Cannabis to be sold legally there, [1] not everyone likes that. [2] In the 6 months after cannabis was made legal in Colorado Crime dropped by 10% though other factors were involved as well. [3]



Colorado has a Republican and Democratic Senator each, they are Cory Gardner (R) and Michael Bennet (D).


Colorado's current governor is a awesome Liberal John Hickenlooper.

2016 U.S. Presidential Election


In the Democratic Primary they voted for Bernie Sanders with 41 pledged delegates (and only 26 to Hillary Hillary Clinton). In the Republican primary, they didn't do quite so well, the electors were led to vote for Ted Cruz at 34 delegates, while only giving Trump 1 delegate.

General Election

In the general election, Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 4.9 points, nearing the 5 point mark. Hillary Clinton won Denver and some snowy mountain counties. While Donald Trump won the neocon farmers in east Colorado and won the cities of Colorado Springs and Pueblo.


  • Denver - It's Capital
  • Colorado Springs
  • Pueblo


  1. Cannabis goes on legal sale in US state of Colorado
  2. Please arrest David Brooks
  3. Ever since Colorado started getting high, crime has dropped by 10 per cent
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