Chicken is a term for a cowardly human being, see also Chickenhawk.

Chicken is also that which any previously untasted food item is most likely to taste like. Vegetarian foods don't taste like chicken unless they're made to taste meaty. Food items purported to taste "just like chicken" include frog's legs, rabbit, tree lizard and dog. Chickens have suffered the consequences of the American love of white food. While chickens were once birds with beautiful plumage, the commercial variety is not only all white, but lays only white eggs. As in the case of bread and rice, the white variety inevitably has little taste and less nutritional value.

Olde Chickens

In medieval Europe, and up until the aforesaid commercialization of chickens, mainstream chickens contained a luxuriously delicious blend of dark and light meat. Located in the thing and leg is the dark, and the wing and breast is white. A few brave souls in New England still attempt to eat this "olde chicken," but soon the dark-white chicken will have to flee into Central Europe to avoid complete extermination.

Inhumane treatment

Chickens are also reared in cruel factory farms. Free range chickens are treated much better and taste better. If you buy chicken that is labeled as "free range", take this with a grain of salt. Many supposed "free range" chickens actually live in inhumane conditions. Free Range is often a marketing ploy to exploit those who believe in animal rights, having consumers unknowingly support animal cruelty.

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