Ceres is the smallest so far known of the Dwarf Planets in our Solar System. It is located between Mars and Jupiter, in the asteroid belt. Ceres is round unlike many irregular shaped asteroids and has a diameter just under 1,000 km. Its surface includes water ice. Ceres takes 4.60 years Earth Years to orbit the sun. That means when Ceres was last in the same position relative to the sun where it is now Barack Obama was President but we didn't know if he'd get a second term yet. Romney was still hopeful.

Ceres appears to have a core of rock and a mantle of ice, the temperature is -105°C. A spacecraft is due to reach Ceres and study the dwarf planet in 2015. Despite the low temperature and low Gravity Humans might consider colonising Ceres due to the water and minerals there. [1]There may even be a liquid ocean below the surface so scientists consider searching there for extraterrestrial life. Since Ceres is considered volcanically dead it is difficult to see how there could be the energy for life processes.



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