The Catholic Democrats are a great not-for-profit national organization who represent a Roman Catholic voice within the American Democratic Party and especially those who are liberal. They bring the tradition of Catholic social teachings and its potential to help solve the broad range of problems confronting all Americans. [1]


Catholic Democrats feel the hard situation of Poor Americans is morally unacceptable, they believe wages should enable workers to support their families and welfare should enable those dependent on it to live in dignity. Welfare should train people to work and leave poverty, and support those who can't work. There should be more [2]

Health care

Catholic Democrats are concerned that 47 million Americans can't afford reasonable health care and feel this compromises the Human rights of those Americans who lack proper health cover.

Their concern about unborn children suggests that they may be Pro-Life and their concern that religious organisations should not be forced to provide types of health care that go against their principles suggests that they support Roman Catholic employers refusing to provide Contraceptive help for their workers. Apart from these two points Liberal Humanists can support the basic statement of Catholic Democrats. [3]


Catholic Democrats oppose discrimination based on Disability, race, religion, sex, etc. Will they be as keen to protect Non-Catholics and Non-Christians from religious discrimination as they are to protect the Catholic minority in the USA? [4]

Other Catholics

Not all Catholics are as Liberal as the Catholic Democrats.

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