Brett Kavanaugh is the second right wing judge nominated to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump that usually sides with corporations and has been confirmed as a Supreme Court justice as of October 6, 2018. He has said that he will be impartial and his not being impartial (him saying that a sitting president cannot be indicted) is possibly what put him on Donald Trump's shortlist for Supreme Court nominees. He and Neil Gorsuch, a man who is already a Justice on the Supreme Court will possibly be the last major conservatives in the United States government because he could be around until around 2050 or maybe even later. He is 53 years old (also as of writing) and is the subject of an email leak from Cory Booker, a Democratic senator, as part of his hearing which also involved "committee confidential" documents. He is thought to be against abortion and is protested by a lot of liberal and moderate women for opposing abortion. These women wore red robes because he might make abortion illegal. (They are not pro life because Gorsuch said that a trucking worker has to die if a corporation doesn't give him life.) He has falsely said that he will act as an "umpire", but has ruled mostly in favor of corporations and cannot be trusted. Republicans are especially supportive of Kavanaugh because of the fact that the courts are the last places that conservatives will leave once the blue waves come election after election. He has been accused of attempted rape.[1]

Kavanaugh worked under Ken Starr in the Clinton era. He has been rated "the second most conservative vot[er]".[2][7] He has been nominated by Donald Trump after Anthony Kennedy, another conservative justice, retired because he knew that Trump would nominate another conservative justice to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is an originalist, which means that he believes in the original interpretation of the US constitution. This is the modern equivalent of being a Federalist because both believe that the Constitution needs no amendments ever. He opposes abortion rights and believes corporations are people. Kavanaugh had a 42% opposition, the highest opposition of a SCOTUS justice ever found by Gallup. [7][157] Kavanaugh tried and failed to hide his positions on abortion (Roe v. Wade), the President's power to issue a self pardon, and many other issues by declining to comment on serious issues. (despite the fact that he already shown that he is very conservative) This means that he is being sneaky and is using the originalist idea of Supreme Court judges being neutral to his political advantage. Sadly, he is a justice and the Supreme Court has him for another >10 years.


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