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Former prosecutor Bill Higgins did Adultery, she says he raped her. Higgins wasn't punished but punished other people.

Who said, " He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone"? According to Christian teachings Jesus Christ said that. [1] Conservative Christians are very good at ignoring the Bible whenever the Bible is inconvenient for them. See below for what a fine upstanding representative Bill Higgins was. See below for reasons the People of Bedford, Pennsylvania should wonder why they chose Higgins to represent them. [2]

Higgins is prosecuted

Higgins was charged Wednesday 4th April 2018 with 31 crimes, including obstruction, official oppression by denying rights, recklessly endangering another person, intimidating a witness and hindering apprehension. All 31 charges filed against him are misdemeanors. State attorney general Josh Shapiro said in a press conference that Higgins used his position to receive sexual favors and to go after lighter sentences for women he was having sex with. [3]

Now Higgins has been accused of giving women light sentences in exchange for sexual favors and more. If the accusations are true let's hope Higgins doesn't give his wife STD. Higgins resigned as prosecutor. If he's found guilty he'll be punished this time.


Adultery and possible sexual assault

Bill Higgins cheated on his wife. He even did it in his local courthouse office. Was the adultery consensual? We don't know though she accused him of sexual assault. Here's what someone who doesn't respect Bill Higgins at all wrote in 2014.

We always say how people who moralize the most usually have a few not so savory skeletons in their own closets. That theory is, once again, proven to be quite accurate. Meet Bedford County, PA District Attorney Bill Higgins. (...) Higgins also admitted to an extramarital affair, which he conducted out of his office. He admitted to having sex with a woman in his office at the courthouse after a Bedford County Repbulicans meeting. The woman eventually sued him for sexual harassment, but the charges were dropped. What do you want to bet she was pressured into dropping them, seeing how Higgins was the vice-chair of the organization at the time of the office sex? This man has some nerve, talking about what offends anyone’s morals, considering what kind of person he is. He’s hardly moral, but he is a hypocrite, and vindictive to boot. [7]

Below is some of what the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote on August 27, 2008 which was fairly soon after the adultery happened. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has won Pulitzer prizes and other awards [8] so it's the type of Newspaper we can trust.

William Higgins, the district attorney of Bedford County, says he committed adultery but not a crime when he had sex with a woman in his courthouse office six weeks ago. [six weeks previously in 2008] The woman, though, now says Mr. Higgins sexually assaulted her the night of July 10. She filed a private criminal complaint against him (...) Mr. Higgins, who is 34 and married, said the woman's allegations were "personally and politically motivated." A Republican who was re-elected to his second term as district attorney last year, he declined to elaborate on how politics figured into the allegation against him. (...) His sexual encounter with the woman followed a committee meeting of Bedford County Republicans. Mr. Higgins was vice chairman of the county GOP at the time. By his account, the woman drove to his office to meet him, and they had consensual sex. [9]

Was it consensual? As the case didn't get to court we don't know.
So were the allegations "personally and politically motivated"? On the one hand there are deep divisions between various factions of the Republican Party so politically motivated attacks between Republicans are possible. On the other hand if we believe what Higgins claims we must assume any hypothetical political problems between the two weren't important enough to stop her driving to his office for Sex in July 2008 but had become much more serious 6 weeks later. Is that at all likely? Anyway for Bill Higgins as an adult over 30 doing it with [10] with a lady in his office is OK so long as nobody can prove he committed a crime and nobody can get him for it. [11]

Porn star

Here's more about the character of the man the Conservative Christians of Bedford, Pennsylvania had representing them.

Mr. Higgins tweeted that he liked a YouTube video from the Howard Stern radio show. Mr. Stern is known for his love of all things outrageous and perverted, and this episode was no different. Porn star Nick Manning was a guest, and the hot topic was Mr. Manning’s ejaculation habits. (...) Higgins enjoyed hearing about a porn star’s sex life, and even told the world that about it. [12]

Humiliating women

Higgins pressured two women to stand outside a courthouse with degrading posters about offenses after they had been charged but not convicted. The judge should decide how offenders are punished after a trial and proof of guilt, that's not the role of a prosecutor. [13][14]

It's sad nobody forced Higgins to stand outside anywhere with a sign saying,
"I cheated on my wife with another woman! Don't cheat on your partner of this could happen to you!"

Animal cruelty

These poor animals have been chained for weeks and months. One dog is blind, they are all in very poor condition (...) There is a dog shelter in Bedford run by very competent people and they have been willing to take the poor animals into care. (...) local District Attorny Bill Higgins, will not give the shelter permission to save them. The D A claims that the dogs are OK and can continue their lives on the streets, chained, starving. [15]

Higgins is hard on Dogs and Humans, see above and below.

Back in the News Again

Bill HIggins has been named a 2015 Muzzle Award winner by The Thomas Jefferson Center for free expression.[16]

Many people are very angry about the hypocrite, Bill Higgins but some might go too far. [17]

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