Big Pharma is the collective term for medicinal, pharmaceutical, and healthcare complexes in the United States and other nations run by big corporations, with little or no concern for the general public.

There are real problems with big pharma. Big pharma frequently abuse patent law. Their patent for a Drug gives them a Monopoly for the production and sale of that drug. The pharmaceutical company then takes advantage of desperately sick people, forcing them to pay extortionate amounts of money for a drug they need to get healthy, even to stay alive. Patents secure monopolies and monopolies need regulation. The state should regulate medical patents. The patent holder should be allowed to charge enough to cover the costs of developing a new drug or new piece of medical equipmnt and should be able to make a reasonable profit. Medical patent holders shoud not charge excessive amounts.

Some people blame "Big Pharma" for high medical prices, mass-incarceration of small-time drug offenders, and "hiding cures for diseases such as cancer." There are right-wing and left-wing conspiracy theories based around "Big Pharma."

Right-Wing Conspiracies

There are groups of individuals on the right, particularly the Libertarian Right, who create/follow conspiracies that could tie-in with "Big Pharma." Many of these conspiracies center around the belief that large pharmaceutical companies are hiding cures to incurable diseases, or misdiagnosing (or over-diagnosing) young children with conditions such as ADHD. Anti-vaxxers tend to hold the belief that the government is intentionally hiding a link they believe exists between the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination and autism. Right-wing YouTuber and analyst Alex Jones promotes these ideas, HEAVILY. In reality, there is no link between vaccines and autism, see 'No link between MMR and autism,' major study finds. Avoiding vaccination puts children and adults at risk of diseases which sometimes have serious complications and can even cause death.

Left-Wing Conspiracies

There are also groups of individuals on the left who believe in "Big Pharma" conspiracies. Since many of us liberals believe in a single-payer healthcare system to help out the little guy, some believe that business-owners of large companies contribute to candidates who are against the idea. Some believe that "Big Pharma" is to blame for the mass-incarceration of small-time drug offenders, as well as the three-strike rule in some states. Left-wing YouTube channels such as Secular Talk and The Young Turks have even included the term in the titles of some of their videos pertaining to medicine and healthcare.

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