The Antarctic refers to the Antarctic Ocean and the Continent of Antarctica. Many types of whales live in the Antarctic at least part of the year. Seals live there too as do penguins and other sea birds. Some seals breed on the ice flows but many breed in land in Antarctica. Most birds need to make nests on land, some Antarctic birds nest in Antarctica, others use different land masses. Emperor penguins don't make nests, they incubate their eggs in their feet.

The Antarctic is the region round the South Pole where the Sun doesn't set at least for a time in the Southern Hemisphere summer and the sun doesn't rise least for a time in southern hemisphere winter. The nearer a region of the antarctic is to the south pole the longer the period that the sun doesn't set in summer and doesn't rise in winter.

Due to Global warming ice in the antarctic is melting, this could cause catastrophic rises in sea level wouldwide and submerge low lying cities like New York City and London.

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