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Anonymous is a loose group of Internet activists fighting against what they perceive to be injustice, corruption and corporatism. As Anonymous as a whole has no center or leader, there are dozens of different hacktivist groups claiming to be "Anonymous" and hacking in name of "Anonymous" (which, given the group's name, makes sense). This makes it hard to pinpoint the particular political views of Anonymous -- some may be liberals, some may be anarchists or libertarians.


One of the known operations led by the members of Anonymous is "Project Chanology", a protest movement that fights The Church of Scientology for its practices while warning the people about the harm that Scientology causes. Project Chanology basically works to inform people about the evil side of Scientology online and offline, they hold demonstrations wearing masks (Usually it's Guy Fawkes masks but that's up to the individual.) to prevent Scientology reprisals and aim to have fun while they do all this.

Project Chanology of Anonymous has no big problem with the Freezone which they don’t consider cult like. Despite this the Anonymous forum has regular criticism of Marty Ratbun and other Freezoner leaders.

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  • Why We Protest Anonymous home page with information about what they do and how they counteract Scientology together with other problems that they feel should be opposed
  • Why We Protest Information about what they do and how they counteract

Scientology specifically


Anonymous make cool videos, some with music.

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