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Aleksa Palladino (born in 1980 in New York City) is a liberal and a member of the indie rock group Exitmusic.

She is married to ?

Aleksa Palladino doesn't often talk about her political views, but certain things about her give it away that's she's a liberal, a little more extreme than Annabella Sciorra (who she costarred with in Find Me Guilty, who also is a liberal, by the way), and Linda Stasi. She often is very dismissive of religion (in one tweet, she talks about doing a concert at a Christian college, and one says, "Good luck"); conservative atheists wouldn't be as dismissive and would be open to the possibility of religion. She also jokingly mocked George Bush in a tweet.

She's intelligent and hasn't followed Occupied Democrats or endorsed Bernie Sanders or Omar Rivero. She's adorable and is like many of the old school feminists (she's played feminists on the screen) of the past.