Aaron Burr Jr.
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Mr. Burr
Political party: Democratic-Republican
Alma mater: Princeton University (College of New Jersey)
Religion Christian (Calvinist)
Born February 6, 1756
Died September 14, 1836 (aged 80)

Aaron Burr Jr. was the only man who Alexander Hamilton feared and hated more than Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton actually assisted his hated rival Jefferson in order to keep Burr out of the presidency.

Burr was also tried (and acquitted several times) for Treason for an alleged attempt at getting the western half of the United States to secede from the eastern half, he is alleged to have tried to separate the two parts of the United States by force of arms and it is claimed sought help from foreign Countries that were enemies of the United States.

Those, and the killing of Alexander Hamilton in a duel are the things most Americans know about Aaron Burr. Aaron Burr left little written record, so it was largely left to his rivals and enemies to write the history of his life. As we read the records of the time, as opposed to the histories, we have an opportunity to judge the man on his actions as opposed to his words. In some ways, this is refreshing. In some ways it's distressing to realize what was done to Burr, and the things he put up with. It can be very confusing to reconcile the words and the deeds of men like Jefferson and Hamilton, two of the most important Burr's rivals. Each left important political writing which don't reconcile with their actions, as well as numerous anonymous attacks on Burr in the period's press, and Jefferson's attempts to have Burr convicted for treason are well documented.

Some crazy people believe that Burr has some connection to the 9/11 attacks[1]


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