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Significant events: Boston Marathon bombings
  • In Amenas hostage crisis
  • Gujba college massacre
  • Reyhanlı bombings
  • Peshawar church attack
  • Westgate shopping mall attack
Designed as: International Year of Water Cooperation

International Year of Quinoa

Preceded by 2012
Succeeded by 2014

2013 has ended, 2012 had ended and the world didn't end then. In January and again in March 2013 there was unusually cold weather in the UK, [1] but the rest of the winter was relatively mild. Deaths among vulnerable poor people, especially elderly people increased during the winter though the UK death toll in 2012 was even worse. This always happens in the UK during winter and Hypothermia is the main cause. [2] In Scandinavian countries, notably Norway, Sweden, Finland winters are regularly harsher than in the UK but hypothermia kills fewer people because the Welfare state looks after vulnerable people better. Deaths from hypothermia have increased in the UK over the 5 years to 2013, fuel prices have risen and the government hasn't done enough to protect vulnerable people. [3]

Pope Benedict XVI resigned and we have Pope Francis, well Francis cares about poor people but Roman Catholic opposition to contraception limits the value of any help he and his organisation try to give. Both Houses of Congress passed the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare became effective in the United States of America in subsequent years. At the last minute Republicans Filibustered and even refused to allow finance forcing large parts of the United States Public sector to shut down. American voters got tired of the chaos and, having made themselves unpopular the Republicans climbed down allowing Obamacare.

Libya's Foreign Minstrity buliding was bombed on September 11 2013 (The twelveth annverisey of 9/11) In the coastal city of Benghazi.[4]