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The 1996 U.S. Presidential Election was between Republican Kansas senator Bob Dole, and incumbent president Bill Clinton. Ross Perot also ran as a third party candidate, picking up 8% of the vote, but no electoral votes. Since the economy was booming, Clinton had no trouble easily winning a second term. He held a comfortable lead over both candidates throughout the entire campaign, so the end results didn't really surprise anyone.

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1996 U.S. Presidential Election

Election results:

Bill Clinton
379 / 538
Robert Dole
159 / 538
Ross Perot
0 / 538

Ross Perot received nearly 8.1 million votes.


Ross Perot ran on massive tax cuts, which wouldn't have helped the economy and would've once again blown up the deficit that Clinton inherited from his Republican predecessor. Clinton was shrinking it, but the tax cut would've ended all that, and Dole would've just been another George H.W. Bush. Bill Clinton knew this, and criticized the plan for increasing the deficit. He compared Dole to the unpopular House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, which was a little too cruel. In the end, the voters made the correct choice and reelected Clinton.


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