The 16th Century was the time of William Shakespeare, King Henry XVIII, Queen Elisabeth the First and the Spanish Armada in England. Spanish conquered the Ancient Mexican empire. Niccolò Machiavelli died. Printing presses were spreading through Europe are reached Stockholm in Sweden. On a bad note the Slave trade between Africa and the Americas started.

The 16th Century was also the time when Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation [1] and Henry XVIII introduced Protestantism to England. In areas of Europe where Roman Catholics ruled Protestants were treated as heretics, Tortured and killed. In areas where Protestants ruled Roman Catholics were tortured and killed as heretics.

Copernicus wrote and published his seminal work promoting the Heliocentric theory that the Earth orbits the Sun. The first microscopes were developed and Telescopes would soon follow.

After the 16th Century came the 17th Century.