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- Furries

- Working class/ unions (see uppityness)

- Truth

- Peace

- Love

- Science

- The non-religious

- Human Reason (a.k.a. common sense)


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- Socialists

- Taxes

- Freedom (Unless it's the freedom to take advantage of the uneducated, unempowered, or illiterate. See uppitiness)

- Life

- Human kind

-Uppitiness (Perhaps the greatest danger to conservatives. When poor people, or those with the wrong family, friends, education, etc. Start acting as if they're just like their social and economic betters.)

-Intellectual elites (Conservatives believe this to be an oxymoron. See Uppity)

-Universal health care (May promote uppitiness)

-Equal access (One of the demands of uppity poor folks that tends to in turn encourage even more uppitiness)

-Public education, especially effective public education (see uppitiness and intellectual elites)

-Immigration reform (While crossing the border illegally is just plain uppity, the chance to exploit an uneducated, unempowered and illiterate workforce is just too good an opportunity for most conservatives to pass up)

Class Mixers- In conservative parlance, a class mixer is one man or woman from the ruling class who forms a heterosexual union, and either marries or has children with one man or one woman from the underclass. Dalliance even homosexual dalliance with members of the underclass is tolerated, perhaps even encouraged (for conservative men, anyway), so long as it is kept away from the public and doesn't create children. (see uppitiness) In some areas of the country conservatives enacted laws to prevent class mixing. (see miscegenation)

Gold Digger- A man or woman from the underclass who marries or has children with a member of the ruling class.


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